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Rising Spotlight: Dr. Daron Smith From Queen City Ear Nose and Throat Discusses Sinusitis


Are you dealing with a stuffy nose, headaches, or pressure? Dr. Daron J. Smith, MD from Queen City Ear Nose and Throat discusses with WCCB Charlotte CW's Derek James about sinusitis and treatment options that can help with your sinus discomfort. Dr.Smith has a fantastic reputation for successfully treating and relieving patients in the Charlotte/ Monroe area for years. He treats children, adults and seniors for all kinds if ENT conditions, and has provided many of them with sinus relief using the techniques he describes in this interview. If you have recurring sinus infections, find yourself regularly taking antibiotics for sinus relief, have Dr. Smith see you and consider your outpatient treatment options. Many helpful procedures are minimally invasive, and can significantly improve your quality of life!

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