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Audiology Services

Queen City Ear Nose and Throat offers quality audiology services whether or not your hearing problems started suddenly or over time. Your particular hearing disorder may be due to a number of things that may include physical ear trauma, exposure to loud noises, ear infections, inner ear conditions that can affect hearing and balance, a symptom associated with a syndrome, and the side effect of being exposed to medications for other medical conditions that can be toxic to the inner ear and nerve hearing.

Each patient's hearing loss is unique, and different levels of hearing loss can have variable effects on each individual depending on their daily activities. Our audiologists understand hearing loss and how losing a critical part of sensing your environment has a serious impact on a patient’s quality of life.

As a result of hearing loss, children may experience slower developmental milestones and elderly people can feel lonely. Adults with hearing loss have a higher risk of dementia-related diseases like Alzheimer’s and other memory and/or cognitive disorders.

Vestibular problems that affect the balance center of the inner ear can cause symptoms that may include dizziness and vertigo, a sense of disorientation, and falling due to lack of balance.

Set up an appointment today and let our experienced and trained audiology doctors help you with your hearing difficulties. We're passionate about improving the quality of life for every patient, and your success in recognizing signs of hearing loss, improving your hearing, or overcoming the symptoms of a vestibular problem is very important to us. 
Contact us today and book an appointment to learn more about the type of hearing loss you are experiencing and your options for treatment. Our audiologists are constantly educating themselves with the latest modern technology and features offered by hearing aid companies and can introduce you to treatment options that you may have never considered.

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