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Telemedicine Appointments

We now offer telemedicine appointments to our patients, virtually!

A telemedicine appointment will allow you to meet with your preferred Queen City ENT provider through an online video session. These technologies are recognized by health insurance entities to be considered a medical appointment.

Many health conditions our patients have can be diagnosed through interviews using video conferencing software for virtual visits with our doctors. This can be a great option for patients until they can be seen in person at one of our offices for follow up care.

How to set up a Telemedicine Appointment:

1. Call or use our online appointment webpage to request your telemedicine appointment:

2. A medical assistant will contact you before the appointment to gather all the information they need.

3. We will provide you with a link in an email - that will work ONLY at the time of the appointment - to meet with the designated Provider after the pre-appointment information is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am a new patient, can I set up a telemedicine virtual visit?

If you are a new patient, you will be contacted to set up a new patient file with the office, prepare your new patient portal access and discuss what your needs are for the virtual appointment.

Do I still need to meet the provider face-to-face for a follow up appointment?

If your provider determines you need a follow-up care appointment in the office, our office will contact you after your telemedicine appointment to arrange for a scheduled on-site visit.

How do telemedicine appointments get billed?

Our office team will be in the appointment along side the provider, and will detail the appointment diagnosis and treatment, then they will submit insurance claims and send billing statements for remaining balances just as if you were at an in-person appointment.

Is my condition treatable without being there in person?

Telemedicine appointments are very helpful to both the doctor and patient, but are not a replacement for in person visits. Depending on your issues, you may not qualify for a virtual visit. Your pre-appointment interview will help determine if your needs can be met using a video conference appointment.

I keep experiencing technical difficulties, what can I do to improve reception?

a) If you are having difficulties using your WiFi in your home, you can first try to follow one or more of these step to improve the WiFi performance:

  • Physically get closer to the WiFi Router device
  • Have other people in the house temporarily stop streaming video and or video games, during your telemedicine virtual visit
  • Learn how to reset the power on your Internet devices to gain back signal strength:Unplug the power from your ISP modem, wait five minutes before reconnecting it, wait another 2 minutes once plugged in before trying to call in on your appointment again

b) If you are using a cell phone, and the steps in “a” do not work, then turn off your cell phone WiFi connection, and only use your cell phone tower connection. You may want to physically be in a known good cell reception are, inside or outside of your home and still maintain your privacy.

c) You can try to use an alternative internet-connected device like a computer, wired into the MODEM router. You can find these instructions for some local providers here:

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